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Youtube: Man hits girlfriend with kitty poop scooper

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Imagine your boyfriend took a dirty kitty litter poop scooper and hit you in the side of the face with it. Well, it really happened on Youtube channel PrankvsPrank. This couple regularly pranks one another for their channel and their enjoyment.

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Not only did they enjoy the prank, but 3 million people watched the video. Almost 121,000 people liked the video as well.

Jesse, the boyfriend, commented, “Once the clock struck midnight, it was officially April Fool's Day. You know what I had to do! Jeana had it coming to her. I fooled her into thinking that our cat must have swallowed part of his toy and that it ended up coming out of the other end, in the cat box. I lured her into the bathroom to take a look at the poop to make sure our cat was okay, and then I smashed the "poop" covered poop scooper in her face! Haha she was so mad! Later I revealed to her that it was only a chocolate bar that I made look like a piece of poop, which I sprayed with ‘Liquid Ass’. That stuff smells so bad, exactly like fresh poop.”

The couple from New Jersey has been posting videos since 2010 and has 757.5 million views.