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YouTube challenge goes wrong after SC teen swallows blow dart

Shawn Stillinger talks about swallowing a blow dart
Shawn Stillinger talks about swallowing a blow dart
Live5 News

When it comes to accepting a challenge, many teens are literally risking their lives to gain YouTube fame. An article posted February 22 by WCSC Live5 tells of a 15-year-old South Carolina teen who is lucky to be alive.

Shawn Stillinger, a Charleston, South Carolina teen decided to accept a challenge involving a homemade blow dart. Shawn tilted the blow dart up to shoot it out of a tree, and the dart somehow went into his throat.

Shawn's mother, Tara Chavis, told WCSC News

"He was scared and I think he realized then what he did wasn't really worth what he was feeling right at the moment."

Shawn's primary concern, after hearing his throat would have to be cut open, was whether a surgeon wouldn't be able to remove the dart.

Shawn was sent to two hospitals, and neither was able to remove the dart. Dr. David Gudis, Doctor of Otolaryngology from the Medical University of Charleston was able to access his airway using endoscopic technology.

This procedure didn't require cutting into Shawn's throat. For those teens eager to perform the eating dart stunt, keep in mind Dr. Gudis cautions people can die from foreign objects getting stuck in their airway.

A video, which can't be embedded on Examiner, can be viewed here.

It's an important part of growing up to consider the consequences of a dare. Don't perform stunts that have the potential to kill you. When in doubt-don't.

To the parents out there, it pays to read up on the latest YouTube dares being marketed toward teens.

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