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YouTube censors popular anti-Obama channel, restores after outcry

YouTube censors popular anti-Obama channel
YouTube censors popular anti-Obama channel
YouTube/Mark Dice

On Saturday, a popular anti-Obama YouTube channel was shut down for what was called “severe terms of service violations," but was restored after the move was made known to the public. It is unknown at this time what violations prompted YouTube's actions, but the move has some wondering if government agents might have been involved.

"Dear @YouTube @YTCreators so I had this popular channel....55 million views, 265,000 subs, 3-5 million views a month...and you deleted it," YouTube channel owner Mark Dice tweeted Sunday.

Dice attributed the move to censorship "and nothing else."

"This means war," Dice said in another tweet.

Infowars' Paul Joseph Watson said the move was taken after governments were given the power to flag “extremist” content on the video sharing website, but it is not known if Dice's content was flagged by government "minders."

Dice's channel is well known for exposing the ignorance of Obama supporters with false petitions supporting outrageous ideas.

One petition, for example, supported infanticide, while another called on signers to help Barack Obama repeal the Bill of Rights.

Watson noted:

Dice had built up a reputation for his ‘man on the street’ videos which featured him getting Obama supporters to sign petitions that called for a number of insane proposals, like putting gun owners in concentration camps, killing newborn babies, repealing the first amendment to silence criticism of Obama, and granting Obama immunity from all crimes.

A video Dice made addressing the censorship was also deleted from a back-up channel, which was also yanked, Watson added, even though it had no "strikes" against it. The back-up channel was restored, but Dice's main channel remained down.

In an update, Watson said the channel was restored three hours after his initial report.

The move raised questions about YouTube's policy of responding to government agents, especially considering the close relationship between Google owner Eric Schmidt and the Obama administration.

"Google owner Eric Schmidt is very close to the Obama White House, which is why many are uncomfortable with him being in charge of YouTube, which has grown into a massive platform for anti-Obama sentiment," Watson said.

Schmidt, Watson added, was a major donor to Obama's campaigns and served as an informal adviser during Obama’s 2008 White House run.

Schmidt was also offered a post in Obama's Cabinet, but turned it down, saying he has "no interest in working for the federal government."



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