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YouTube Application Supplement Makes A Splash



  • Afriend 6 years ago

    While it’s unclear to me whether institutions of higher learning across America will immediately embrace the personal video as part of the admissions process, what is clear is that it is a reality that video is taking its place alongside text and photography as a primary means of communication.

    Internet access is essentially free (for the moderately resourceful). The cost of digital cameras has fallen tremendously. And importantly, the knowledge of how to competently produce videos is available to us all. If you haven’t been on YouTube lately, you’ll find out what millions of teenagers around the world do with their time. And check out New York Video School (, and you’ll see how easy and inexpensive it actually is to get professional quality instruction to produce a great video.

    Many of this year’s videos may elicit groans and grimaces, but I am willing to bet that there will be more than just 1,000 Tufts’ applicants making videos in 2015.

  • Michael 6 years ago

    Yes, because I'm sure the parents who donated the money for the library roof would have been equally willing to pay instead for "Alex's Expanded MOPs" as a memorial to their child. There's no comparison to make between library roof and MOPs b/c it wasn't an either-or thing.

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