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Youths Gone Wild

Youths Gone Wild
Youths Gone Wild

The Florida State Fair was going well for a Friday night. It was the day that school children could get into the fair free. It happens every year but this year some youths wanted to play a little differently. They decided that they were going to run through the midway beating, kicking, stealing, and battering cops. They were doing what is now called "Wilding". They simply wanted to destroy anything they could lay their hands on. These were middle and high school children. Some 200 youths were involved. Ninety-nine were ejected from the fair. Eleven were arrested and most were 17 or younger that were involved.

The police officers were overwhelmed. One boy ejected from the fair for his involvement in the "Wilding" would lose his life when he tried to cross interstate 4. He was 14 years old. Changes in the fair were immediate.

Yesterday in Pinellas Park, three youths ages 18 and 19 were arrested for drive by shootings of people with a pellet gun. Shooting at anyone they could find. As they told deputies they did it for the sheer "Fun" of it. They could have killed someone with their Co2 cartridge charged gun, but they were having fun.

Okay, I have been teaching in the Hillsborough County School System since 2000 and I want to know have all our children gone mad. The idea of pure carnage and destruction is something we must look at and find out where they are getting the ideas to do such things.

Is it the video games that glorify this sort of activity. Is it the idea that it makes them feel bigger or better. Is it because their parents are the most ignorant people on the planet or is it simply that their teachers have not taught tell them well. Maybe it could be all of the above. Has society let down our youth so that this is what we are left with. Either way something must be done with this kind of behavior. Arresting them doesn't seem to be the answer.

We as a country must realize that if this can go on here then it is going on somewhere else also. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to our nightmare. Youth Gone Wild.