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Youth-led webinar

May 25, 2014

YOUTH-LED WEBINAR: Get in the Picture

The National Community of Practice (CoP) on Transition is sponsoring the second of three webinars on Youth Role in Transition Planning for professionals in the field. Through the personal stories and insights of youth from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Hampshire, Michigan, Virginia, and Washington, DC webinar participants will learn about:
• The youth experience and role in transition
• The power of authentic youth engagement, self-determination and leadership in transition
• Ideas for how to best support youth in the transition process

Visit the wiki page for more information about the future youth-led webinars.
Instructions for Accessing the webinar

1. The webinar will start promptly at 3:30 PM and end at 4:30 PM Eastern Time. Please enter the Adobe room 5 minutes earlier.
2. To sign into Adobe Connect go to
• Click on the link to join the Adobe Connect Meeting
• Click "Enter as a Guest" and type your full name. Then click "Enter Room"
3. For audio – choose one from 2 options
A. Dial-out Option (recommended)
• Select the first option “Join Audio Conference” (Dial-out)
• Enter your phone number with area code (Eg. +1-415-555-1234)
• Click “Join”
• Adobe will call you shortly after. This option will help us have enough “space” for more people to join.
• Make sure your computer speakers are turned on so you can hear the videos
B. Using Microphone Option
• Select the third option “Using Microphone”
• Click “Join”
• Listen to the audio through your computer speakers
• You do NOT need a microphone or your telephone for this option.

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