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Youth crime round-up: Luling marijuana thief faces murder charge

After yesterday's anti-pensioner violence, today brings multiple stories of local youth raging out of control.

Let us start with the youngest offenders: two 13 year olds have been charged by police for sexually assaulting a fellow student at Covington Middle School. Apparently their teacher, Mr. Robert Brent Scott was showing his class a video, and the students took advantage of the darkness in the room to pounce on their victim as the lesson was in progress. Days later, on the 23rd November, Mr. Scott himself was arrested for installing a keylogger program on his ex-wife's computer, which sent many of her private details directly to his own computer screen. He has been charged with breach of computer security, and removed from the workplace, where his ex-wife is a colleague.

Yesterday meanwhile a 15 year old student brought a loaded handgun to class at Cedar Park High; fortunately nobody was hurt. The student was arrested at 11:30 a.m, charged with a 3rd degree felony and transported to Williamson County Juvenile Justice Center in Georgetown, where they do not look kindly upon that kind of behavior.

Celso Gutierrez, 18, who has been held on charges of aggravated robbery and assault charges since September 2nd now faces additional charges of burglary and attempted sexual assault in a separate incident. DNA linked him to the crime which took place only three days earlier on the 4000 block of South Congress. Gutierrez is alleged to have raided a woman's apartment in the company of four masked men. He removed his victim's necklace, and when she claimed she had no money he shot at the floor, presumably to frighten her. It was only then that, lacking any notable bounty from his attempt at burglary, he decided to assault her.

Finally, Frank Castro of Luling, turns 18 today but it is unlikely he will be celebrating, as he has just been charged with capital murder by a Hays County jury. At 2am on the night of September 4th he and three friends broke into an apartment on the 900 block of Chestnut Street intending to steal some marijuana. A resident of the home opened fire, leaving two of Castro's accomplices dead. Castro himself was apprehended by police at the scene of the crime.

But if Castro did not kill anybody, then why has he been charged with murder? San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams explains that since he was committing a crime with his accomplices when they met their violent ends he could be held legally responsible for their deaths. The individual who shot them on the other hand has not been charged with any crime.

If convicted, Castro faces life in prison.


  • High Ping Bastard 5 years ago

    DK, hope you are doing well. I gather they want Castro to cop to a lesser plea (unless he's part of some larger conspiracy they are disrupting).

    Trial would be interesting, this case is still very murky.

  • Daniel K 5 years ago

    Thanks for the data... very murky indeed.