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Your Work, God's Work, Review; Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller

Tired of the work you do? Seeking to find meaning in the day to day daily grind? If so, then Timothy Keller's book on work entitled Every Good Endeavor, is a must read. In his book Keller, the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, seeks to show how God's plan for work as outlined in the Bible still applies to our current work world.

The book is divided into three sections which correspond to, the creation, the fall and the redemption of work.

Keller uses the first section of the book to illustrate how God's original design for the world always included "human beings working or more specifically living in a constant cycle of work and rest. He then uses the next section of the book to delve into the issue of sin and how sin completely altered the original concept of work which God intended as, "an instrument of His providence," and service to others.

Keller then uses the final section of his book to tell of the redemption of work and how the Gospel provides an "alternative story line for our work," from the world's view of work. He explains how the Christian faith gives us a "new and rich conception of work as partnering with God in his love and care for the world." The workplace he is no longer a place of selfish ambitions but a place where God is honored by selfless work and a strong desire to help others succeed.

Most interesting to me was the chapter entitled, 'A New Story for Work' where Keller talks about our worldviews and how they influence all aspects of life, including work. Most of the chapter deals with the gospel worldview and how for a Christian it should be the lenses through which everything is viewed, including work. But before I read Keller's book and especially this chapter I didn't connect how much my work, no matter how mundane it may be, is God's work.

Whether Keller's insights on work will make you appreciate your job more or not, his biblical explanations are thought provoking and will make your reconsider why and how you do your job. There is so much to be learned from this book I recommend reading it through several times, taking notes.

285 pages
ISBN: 0525952705
Publisher: Dutton Adult (November 13, 2012)

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