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Your word is your bond


Every time you go back on your word, the value of what you say decreases. It used to be that a person’s word was their bond. As time has passed, though, our tongues appear to have become a bit looser. We are now at the point where talk is cheap. It is fortunate that we are not required to put our money where our mouth is as many of us would be running low on funds.

The words, “I promise,” are uttered by us without understanding the magnitude of their significance. A promise is an oath; it is a vow. It is not meant to be given lightly. It is not meant to be broken. To say “I promise” is to state that you will do something, not that you might or that you hope to, but that you will. No excuses. No matter what.

In the last week, have you made a promise you have not kept? Maybe you did not even realize you had made a promise. Be aware of what you say. People will (and should) hold you accountable. Only make promises you know you can keep. This holds true for all your relationships. Do not promise your parents, your siblings, your friends, your children, your significant other, or even strangers that which you may not hold to. Speak with purpose, not emptiness. Be the kind of person whose word is their bond.