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Your vote is your voice: Senate Candidates 2010

Midterm elections lack the "sexiness" of presidential elections, yet they often deal with the issues or candidates most likely to have a direct impact on Joe Voter. If you haven't mailed in a ballot already, tomorrow is your last chance to have a say in your community. Colorado has some particularly heated candidate races this year, so for those of you wondering which circle to fill in, here's the breakdown:

Senator Michael Bennet vs. Ken Buck

This hotly contested race, said to be one of the closest in the country, marks the first senatorial election for both candidates (Bennet was appointed to his position by Governor Ritter after Senator Ken Salazar was selected as Secretary of the Interior).

Michael Bennet-

A short-time Senator, the politician was well-known in Denver when he was appointed but unknown in other parts of the state. Since becoming Senator, Bennet has worked hard to travel across Colorado to interact with voters and increase his name recognition.

Supporters say:

Bennet has received support from Colorado Senator Mark Udall and even former President Bill Clinton, who pointed to Bennet as a forward-thinking person who will work to get the country out of the current economic mess, as opposed to Ken
Buck who he says is only capitalizing on anger about the country's current economic state. As Senator Bennet has only served 22 months in office, supporters are focusing more on his party credentials than his Senate record. As Bennet noted: "The very same people that burned the house down want their matches back.We are not going backward."

Opponents say:

Ironically, opponents of Bennet are taking the same tactic: attacking him for his party loyalty. Buck has attacked Bennet for voting for the stimulus bill and the health care bill, which Buck says reflects Bennet does not care about the deficit.

Ken Buck -

Greeley politician Ken Buck has served as the Weld County District Attorney since 2004. A strict fiscal conservative, Buck opposes Bennet's positions, which he sees as "rubber stamps" on Obama's policies

Supporters say:

Republican Buck will bring financial discipline to the office and reverse the trend of the current Congress. A supporter of small government, Buck has enthused voters who believe government should get out of the way.

Opponents say:

Buck has made some recent controversial comments that have polarized activist groups. In a recent debate, Buck compared homosexuality to alcoholism, angering gay rights groups. At a Republican gathering, when asked why voters should choose him, Buck joked "Why should you vote for me? Because I do not wear high heels," a statement that has angered political groups like NOW (National Organization for Women). Opponents have also looked to Buck's time as a DA for mistakes which prove he's not fit for the Senate position.

If you haven't mailed in your mail-in ballot, you must now take it directly to the county clerk's office. To vote in person tomorrow, go to to find out when and where to vote in your county.


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