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Your vote is your voice: Congressional Candidates 2010

Depending on the congressional district you live in, you will have different candidate races for the House. The following three are the closest House races in Colorado:

Betsy Markey vs. Cory Gardner

Markey was elected as representative of the 4th Congressional District since 2008. Markey was the first Democrat in thirty years to be elected in her district. As a result, she is now defending her positions and votes to an often-hostile audience despite her background as a businessowner.

Gardner has served as a state representative (representing Colorado's 63rd district) since 2005 and helped create Colorado's Clean Energy Authority. Gardner has been praised by conservatives for his emphasis on limited government.

John Salazar vs. Scott Tipton

3rd District Congressman John Salazar has earned a reputation for fighting for rural communities. Describing himself as a "veteran and lifelong farmer,” Salazar is nonetheless finds himself in the same boat as other Democrats: defending his votes and his party's positions. A Blue Dog Democrat, Salazar supported PAYGO, a budget rule that tax cuts and new spending cannot be approved without finding money for them in the budget.

State Rep. Scott Tipton, a moderate Republican, is running against what some see as the "ineffective" term of John Salazar. This race's ads have been particularly volatile, and inaccurate accusations have abounded. A small business owner with state legislative experience, Tipton wants to focus on fiscal conservatism and common sense.

Ed Perlmutter vs. Ryan Frazier

Representative of the 7th Congressional District since 2006, Perlmutter has made extensive efforts to stay connected to the community, including frequent "Government at the Grocery" meetings where he listens to constituents at local grocery stores. Like other Democrats, Perlmutter is fighting criticism of the current administration's agenda and policies.

Ryan Frazier has served on the Aurora City Council since 2003 and brings business and military experience to his candidacy. Education is a huge focus for Frazier, but while the Aurora Sentinel noted he is "smart" and "energized," they frowned upon his rejection of global warming science: "Given his penchant for independence, it’s disappointing that he’s fallen lock-step in with political talking points that have proven to be so mistaken."

If you haven't mailed in your mail-in ballot, you must now take it directly to the county clerk's office. To vote in person tomorrow, go to to find out when and where to vote in your county.


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