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Your USP is what makes you unique


Once you streamline your website, identify your target market and find prices that appeal to them, your next duty is to develop a unique selling position (USP).

A USP sets your product apart from others on the market. It’s what increases conversion rates and turns a potential customer into an actual one.

*What Makes Your Product Different & More Desirable Than Others?: Compare yourself to the competition. Why would your customer buy your product instead of your competitors?

Examples (your USP may be completely different):

*Fast, no-hassle service

*Step-by-step help

*“XX” in a box (i.e. all the work is done for you)

*Fresh, not frozen, processed, etc.

*Pay for results only.


*Money-back guarantee

Incorporate Your USP into Your Website Message: Ensure your USP is clear when you put together your website and sales pages. If this is what truly draws your target market to your product, making it known can produce big results.

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