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Your unified awareness is speaking

Skies above clouds
Skies above clouds

Your unified awareness flows through the sense of your eternal being. It is meant to be there as a reminder and as an ever continuing path that you are traveling on. As you travel this path there is one thing that connects you with a sense of unified being. It is called Shekhinta the Aramaic for Shekinah in Hebrew. This is the feminine principle and yet it is so much more because more than anything else it is the active life principle, the bearer of all blessings and the reason for your awareness of unity and by extension of God.

Soaring freedom

One of the symbols that relates to God is Qudsha Brikh Hu or Ha Kodesh Boruchu in Hebrew or the Holy One Blessed Be He. You could call this the male principle except that it does not come into being without Shekhinta. Shekhinta is what calls it into being. Think of it this way. You have a vision that overtakes you. All that you want is to fulfill this vision. Everything that has to do with the fulfillment of this vision is the realm of Shekhinta. In order for this vision to be realized both time and space have to be rearranged according to the dictates of this vision. It is Qudsha Brikh Hu that transforms itself based upon your connection with Shekhinta and Her opening up the pathways for the time and space transformations that will bring about this vision.

These transformations must have an appropriate vessel to flow into which is Shekhinta. She exists in between each thought and is the pathways between one thought and another. Think of Her as the link that keeps taking place. Each link brings you one step closer to the leap of faith that brings about the fruition of your vision. Qudsha Brikh Hu says “I transform, out of that which I am into that which I will be.” Shekhinta says, “I experience the life of my vision each step awakening me to the holiness of that vision.’

In Torah Bereishis there is ELHY”M. This is the process that demonstrates the unity. Qudsha Brikh Hu and Shekhinta are together here one flowing inside of the other. Therefore we have the heavens and the earth, Qudsha Brikh Hu and Shekhinta and there are the transformations of the chaos and the void ending up in the light that is the recognition of the connection between the two. Following this all life comes into being culminating with Adam, man.

When man comes on to the scene at first in a spiritual form, something is added to ELHY”M, which is HVY”H, the divine name. Why is this so? It is because HVY”H ELHY”M represents the thought of man. Prior to this there is only the process of being ELHY”M and all of its transformations. Once the idea, the spiritual idea of man arrives then we have HVY”H ELYH”M. What has happened here?

Throughout the rest of Torah sometimes HVY”H is used, sometimes ELYH”M or the concatenation HVY”H ELYH”M is used. When HVY”H is used alone it is the process of transformation, the thought of deity. When ELYH”M is used it is the synthesis of being Shekhinta and Qudsha Brikh Hu. When both HVY”H ELYH”M are used it is the thought man the image of reflection the unified awareness that is speaking.

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