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Your thoughts and their direction

Beautiful Dreamer
Beautiful Dreamer

The container or father (Beit or AV) is the beginning (Reishis) of the Creation (Bara-what is to be brought forth) by the ‘way things work’ also known as Elohim which fashions according to its prime directive the heavens and the earth.

First the container. Is it the infinity of space a kind of grand scheme of things into everything that we know appears before us? Is it consciousness that wraps itself around this infinity as if that were possible that permeates every infusion of meaning we are blessed to reveal?
The answer turns out to be that there is one inside the other.

Can you imagine that your thoughts have a direction? When you listen there appears to be a location within perhaps to the left or the right. It is admittedly difficult to discern. However, it is up to you to learn about the spaces of your mind the qualities of thought and the vast landscape that is consciousness. The only way you learn is by experimentation. For example when you pray you are presumably directing your thoughts toward God so that you will receive an answer to your prayers a fulfillment or a blessing. Where do you direct those thoughts? Above or centered in your heart or someplace in between?

The point of this exercise is to make you aware of the location of your thinking at all times. It is always specific if you pay attention. Here is something to ponder. You get to choose that location and some places are better than others. Your imagination or your ability to visualize the higher realms is completely dependent upon listening for those higher realms and acting accordingly.

You have an idea of heaven perhaps filled with legends, teachings from the sages, Kabbalah, or even a family tradition but these ideas will not become your own until you have an actual experience of heaven and can say with certain, yes this is heaven or no not here somewhere else.

Why is this important? It is because heaven is not just a mythical place it is rather a representation of the higher levels of consciousness and it is absolutely accessible to the mind tuned to the possibilities of an expanded awareness. How do you expand that awareness? The answer is two fold. First you have to act with the certainty that this is indeed a possibility and second you have to understand that with thoughts you are building bridges, each higher thought a bridge to another realms another level of attainment. These bridges are brought about by the waves of connection coming your work in Torah. Each insight represents another bridge. The sum total then carries you upwards towards your heavenly goal.

Angels singing a choir of voices? Perhaps but realize that it is even in the most simple moments that a realization of the above may be entered into. In fact it is these various simple moments that are the food that spirituality takes in to transform into the heavenly abode. With this in mind the phrase, ‘heaven is what you make of it’, is appropriate to your continuous understanding. The purpose of this discussion is to let you know that not only can you get there in this moment, you may also contemplate this moment as your bridge to your highest awareness using the images suggested above. Become one with heaven. Feel it. See it. Know it. B”H.

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