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Your Spouse Wants You and Someone on the Side

What would you do if your spouse wanted to keep you but have someone on the side?
What would you do if your spouse wanted to keep you but have someone on the side?

What would you do if you caught your spouse cheating and they claimed they wanted to have both of you in their life? Would you be okay with them seeing someone on the side while being with you? When do you draw the line and say “that’s enough”?

Some people have been in situations or are in situations where their spouse is cheating. Sometimes the person doesn’t want to end the relationship so they tell their spouse to end it with the other person. Sometimes the spouse listens but on occasion the spouse claims they don’t want to lose the other person or the one they’re with. Unless you don’t believe in monogamy, this is not a good path to go down.

If your spouse claims they want you plus someone on the side, you should leave. You don’t deserve to have half of someone who expects to have all of you. Some stay just because they have no other source of income. If this is the case then you need to have a plan. You could always use them just as they are using you. Pretend to stay with them while finding ways to make money. Once you have a decent source of income you will then be able to shed roughly 170 pounds from your life instantly.

If you are staying with your spouse because you love them then you need to open your eyes. You deserve to be with someone who is devoted to you and you only. If this person was your true love then they wouldn’t have betrayed you. Find someone who is willing to make you their all while giving you their all. Don’t settle just because you are afraid that you will never find someone to love all the quirks about you. There is someone out there for everyone; it will just take some looking.

If you don’t want to leave them because of the kids then you are not thinking of the kids. What would you do if they began to call the other woman/man mom/dad? You may not want to separate the family but your spouse already did that by bringing someone new around. Do you want your kids to grow up thinking this kind of situation is okay?

Once you get rid of the bad seed in your life, you will be open to many opportunities. You could move away and start a new life that will benefit you. If you have kids and you gain full custody, you could give them a new life as well by moving some place new. If you don’t gain full custody don’t fret, just go on a few trips a year. Maybe you’ll even find someone who is right for you and will treat you right. Remember you won’t know unless you take that leap.