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Your spirit clair is whispering are you home?

That ringing, sometimes buzzing, sometimes just popping effect that can drive most individuals crazy, is happy news for someone who is developing their psychic and mediumship awareness. And even then trying to make sense of it all or just get someone to understand what is going on can make you feel as if you are going crazy.

Welcome to psychic and mediumship clairaudient development 101. You have this feeling; you have heard others talk about that ringing noise without anyone being able to quite describe it. Your ear is not ringing like the person next to you; it is doing more like a humming sound. Or can be it that it is a buzzing that keeps getting higher or sometimes like a whisper. Or all of a sudden you are talking to someone and the tone in your ear gets so loud as if listening to a gigantic sea shell with Bose speakers in it. Your awareness is now all focused on your ears and it can sometimes be a weird sensation.

It is the nagging questions you keep asking yourself or those around you: what is going on, why is my ears doing this, do I have a medical condition, when will it stop, will it ever go away, what can I do? All of these are signs to the everyday psychic medium that Spirit is talking and sit up and take notice and listen.

Everyone is different in their own experience as to how to work with Spirit Whispers. Which are not really whispers at all just whispering of energy that is around you from those in Spirit talking to you. Trying to get your attention: by talking to you, around you, in front of you, behind you about something or in general just saying hello.

I say “not really whispers” as those in Spirit are not whispering to you. They are clearly standing around you talking just as normal as you would with a group of friends or family members. It is your own frequency in which you are picking up those energy vibrations. You have awareness within you on a subconscious level that allows you to be half here in the psychical awareness and the other half in the Spirit awareness. When this happens it is like being in one room of your home when others are talking in another room. You can here their conversation, not quite clear enough, so you will either say to them “I cannot here what you are saying” or you will go into the other room and join them to hear clearly what is being said.

Let’s look at what is really going on. You are more here in the psychical rooms of life, grounded to Mother Earth and your own physical awareness. Your subconscious is always open to receive and feel other energies around you. Your subconscious energy antenna is picking up on sounds and sensations that make you aware of your surroundings at all time whether consciously aware or not. When it gets to the point where your attention is needed to a situation, you may start by receiving ringing, buzzing, popping sensations, the “whispers” to get your attention more clearly.

Actually everyone receives spirit whispers it is just some are more conscious of this than others. Each individual will receive the whispers the way they are meant to receive them and this is why it can be confusing at times to describe what is going on. No whispers are identical as no two energies are identical. Please know you are okay, you are fine, actually you are absolutely perfect. You have now accepted you are hearing things and no…you are not crazy. You are developing yourself to a higher level of understanding about the world or your life and all that is encompasses. Deep within the subconscious mind of every living being are the questions that seek answers to everything, every experience, every desire, every wish and hope…

So what did you miss but not understanding what the sounds are all about? That all will depend on what is going on in your life and what direction you are going. If you pray and are seeking answers, guidance or a divine intervention, then you are missing the direction in which to go or the answers you seek. If you are beginning your psychic and or mediumship development then you are missing an introduction from your spirit guides or a simple hello. But do not give up…for Spirit does not give up on you. In saying this, the whispers are always present, always there. It is how you tune into them that will be of benefit to you and what you are seeking.

As I said earlier….Welcome to psychic and mediumship development 101.

When you next notice this phenomenon going on in your ears:

First Rule of thumb is to stop for a moment and look around you to see what is going on or what you are doing or about to do. It may be you are working on a project and you know deep down it should be done a certain way but is not. Or that you have misplaced something and cannot find it. Or that there is the first flower bloom of the year beside you to take notice of and enjoy.

Second Rule of thumb is to acknowledge that someone is trying to get your attention. This may be an Angel, Spirit Guide or a Loved One on Spirit. This is done by simply saying: “Hello thank you for joining me and I hear you, can you please speak slower so I may not miss what you are trying to tell me”.

Once you do this be ready to have the energy around you amped up, sometimes they will want to speak even faster as they are so excited that you are acknowledging them. It is okay to laugh when this happens. Just think of all the times you ran into a friend you had not seen for years and all of a sudden there they are right in front of you. You are so excited to find out everything you can and to share everything with them that you too…raise your energy level to try to get everything out at one time. So laughter is the best, this too not only raises your energy level but let’s them know how happy you are to meet and hear them.

Now to make this easier, as your energy level is rising you are also asking them to be more clear and slower in what they are telling you. In which will make them have to lower their energy vibrations for both for you to come to the same level. When this happens you will start to feel, hear and most times see within your eyes mind what they are talking to you about. How awesome is that? To know you have now taken the first step in your own Spirit communications and it is not as hard as you thought. And you are receiving divine answers to your questions.

So stop and become aware of what is going on around you at that moment in time when you recognize the ringing, buzzing, noise, whispers in your ears and you are on the right path to discovering your Clairaudient abilities that have been there the whole time.

Much love to you in your quest on opening to your development with Spirit, the journey is more than worth it.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones

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