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Your sin will find you out

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has a public relations nightmare to navigate through based on alleged racist comments made to his girlfriend.  Was this a setup or does it reveal who he really is?
LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has a public relations nightmare to navigate through based on alleged racist comments made to his girlfriend. Was this a setup or does it reveal who he really is?

Morality. It means different things in this culture to different people. One would be pressed mightily to have an across the board ethics inventory that everyone agrees.

The Bible used to be used as the standard and model for morality which governed the behavior of those from the least of us to the most privileged. Not anymore.

A microcosm of society’s ills can be attributed in the world of sports. Within the last year the sports culture has provided issues regarding murder, domestic violence, weapons violations, assaults, drug and alcohol abuse, and displays of prejudice against many lifestyles. One destructive force that still needs to be reckoned with is the age old issue of racism, a demonstration of partiality the Bible frowns upon.

In this day and age of enlightenment it is difficult to comprehend that racism exists in pro basketball, particularly when the employment pool of basketball players consists of over 70% of the jobs are held by Afro-Americans.

Unfortunately as with other huge issues, the case of entitlement to power and authority has been arrogantly and poorly displayed by Los Angeles Clipper owner Donald Sterling.

A private phone conversation between Sterling and his “girlfriend” went viral when Sterling made some extremely uncomplimentary remarks involving his girlfriend taking an Instagram photo with the legendary Magic Johnson. An audio recording released by revealed Sterling instructing a girlfriend not to bring black people to games and associate with them in public.

Sterling went on a diatribe about giving “them” cars and homes as though he was a magnanimous plantation owner. The elevated arrogance of his own self-importance clearly radiated in the conversation. As the Bible warns, pride comes before the fall.

This is not the first time Sterling has run afoul with racial relations. Legend Elgin Baylor filed a wrongful termination suit against Sterling and his Clipper organization in 2009 which a jury ruled in Sterling’s favor.

Other lawsuits have been filed alleging that Sterling kept blacks and Latinos out of his real estate properties.

Obtaining wealth can test the character of anybody and it is apparent that Sterling receives a pass regarding immoral behavior because of his elite position that his status brings as a professional sports franchise owner.

Sterling having a girlfriend although married to his wife Rochelle has absolutely no bearing on the outrage being displayed regarding his latest fiasco about race. What does one expect?

His girlfriend later agreed not to associate with any more black people in public. Is that all?

Naturally there is hyperventilating regarding the immorality of being a racist, that standard of morality is still frowned upon. However sexual immorality is something many actively engages and many either look the other way to ignore it or merely believe adultery is no big deal anymore. What used to disturb one generation can be embraced by the next.

The Bible has plenty to say about going down the slippery slope of sinful behavior. Showing partiality with racism is repugnant, however as Sterling has demonstrated, one can easily slip by as many do by simply not talking about it.

What is really offensive is the expectation Sterling has to demand his girlfriend to follow his sordid example of fairness. What is really offensive is Sterling engaging in adultery and expecting his girlfriend to comply with his selective display of moral relativism. Sterling has concern for this girlfriend associating with black people, but finds nothing amiss about violating his marriage vows.

Sadly the girlfriend complies and says she would no longer associate with black people and post pictures on Instagram.

Regardless of the reason she cow-towed, there are many that do the same to get along with their personal or work relationships. Taking a stand against racism or bigotry has a way of not being objected to as shown in other incidents like what took place at San Jose State.

Go ahead and be a bigot if you want to. However don’t lecture other people as your girlfriend about what they should be doing or not be doing regarding keeping an appropriate standing.

Sterling has a beam in his eye and worries about the speck in his girlfriend’s eye according to his personal contradictory standards of morality. This paradox of concern is displayed repeatedly by those with an extremely suspect personal moral code. They are examples of the “strain at a gnat but swallow a camel”, another Bible scripture that rebukes those with problematic character.

Being tolerated hardly is a socially redeeming value as Sterling will soon find out at the conclusion of the basketball season. There will be an exodus of black players and work personnel who will honor Sterling’s request to “not associate with black people in public”. Magic Johnson has already committed to honor Sterling’s wishes.

The best punishment to give Sterling is to give him what he wants.

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