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Your Second Fifty Documentary


Perhaps our thoughts about aging are not accurate. This film asks - What if what you think about aging is a myth and your second 50 years could be better than your first 50? Dr. Demartini, David Wolf, Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Morgana Rae and Arielle Ford are just a few of the cast members. Have worked with both Dr. Demartini and Bob Proctor in a movie, I know how powerful this one is going to be. Baby boomers want quality time in their lives. The cast is referred to as Game Changers- they contribute to thinking about age in a new way. Change is the only constant and this film seeks to clarify that.

It seems that in today's world where information is everywhere, we are being told what to do, what to expect with aging, what pills to take for every ill ... Perhaps, it is time to step back, take refuge from the ambient noise, and get INSPIRED again. Inspired to believe that we can live the most exciting part of our lives in our second fifty, inspired to grasp the possibilities that'll make a difference in the lives of others and do the things that we always wanted to do but never believed possible.
This is what the film "Your Second Fifty" is about, a source of inspiration and tools to breakdown limiting beliefs that are stopping you (subconsciously) from being all you can be.

Perks include, being a producer, T shirt, your name in the credits, dinner with cast and crew. There are plenty of perks at every level.

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