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Your roommate is not weird, you just don't know enough about them

Being different brings us all closer
Being different brings us all closer

In 2014, people are exploring what the world has to offer. They are trying new things and experiencing life from a brand new perspective. People grow and change it’s in the nature of humans to want to progress themselves as individuals. What may be normal for someone may be unorthodox for you. Society likes to call these individuals weird or strange when really there is nothing wrong with that. Society uses the word as though it was a negative thing and it’s really not. Actually, if everyone was the same and had the same thought process the world would be a very boring place and no one wants that. Respect the uniqueness of people and try to understand rather than judge your roommate because they are not what you are accustomed to.
To start, you need to recognize that not everyone has the same interests nor will they fit into your bubble. Everything is meant to be different and unique its own way. Don’t stifle things because you don’t like them or understand them. Simply put, you need to educate yourself. Ask questions because if you are in fact ignorant (meaning you don’t know) then it’s better to ask your roommate about themselves and their habits. For example if you are living with someone who is of the Islamic faith and you think that the clothing they wear is weird, you have some thinking to do. First stop and ask yourself is it weird because you just genuinely don’t like the clothing or is it weird because you don’t understand what it means to wear the clothing. When being exposed to something new, it’s okay to ask question and express that you don’t know much about that particular thing.
Keep in mind asking questions is okay but remember there is a time and a place for everything and sometimes it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. Meaning, you should be considerate of how you present your questions. Always be respectful and don’t offend. Some questions are not meant to be asked or answered because they may be too personal. If your roommate is comfortable enough around you that is something that they will share with you, otherwise don’t intrude. Try to ask surface questions to showcase your interest in your roommate. For example if you live with a woman of the Islamic faith, she may wear a hijab. You could ask her, politely of course, “may I ask why women of the Islamic faith wear a hijab?” If you do not know the name of the clothing do not refer to her clothing as a thing or that while you are pointing because it’s rude. You could also ask her politely to tell you about her clothing since you don’t know what the clothing is called. Wording, phrasing, and tone are very important because you don’t want to say something and offend someone.
You may also find that your roommate has questions about you. This is good because you could educate them as well and it creates a good bonding situation. It also lets you know that they have had questions and wonder about your customs as well. Tell them as much as you know and make sure it is correct information because you don’t want to spread false things about your beliefs or customs. Keep in mind that the point is to educate not persuade. Meaning, you are not trying to defend why your customs are better than your roommates. If a situation should arise, agree to disagree because that argument will never be resolved peacefully if both parties are adamant about their beliefs.
In our society it’s okay to be different. With each passing day, society grows more and more accepting to change. Living in a world where everyone is the same and thinks the same way does not create or promote change. You need the people that society defines as odd or weird. And if you are classified as weird it’s okay because everyone has their own weird quirks about them. Therefore everyone is weird in their own way and that is what makes humans so great. Being weird is awesome, embrace it and just be you. It is diversity that brings people together.