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God as he is described in the Bible can't exist because two of his qualities contradict each other: his omnipotence and his strong desire to have a close, personal relationship with everyone on the planet. If god truly wanted a relationship with everyone, his first goal would be to let everyone know he existed. He would do everything in his power make his presence known. Currently 16% of people in the United States don't believe he exists due to a lack of sufficient evidence and 90% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences don't believe in a personal deity and they are the ones whose expertise is in the field of determining if things exist. According to the Bible, God is omnipotent enough to talk to Adam and Eve in Genesis, to speak to Moses from a burning bush, and to vocalize to a crowd at Jesus' baptism in the gospels. He should have no problem speaking to anyone today.

Personally, he hasn't spoken to me nor proven his existence to anyone I know or for that matter to anyone that I have ever heard of in my entire life in a detectable, measurable, verifiable manner. And we are living in a time where video recording devices are readily available. If he wanted a relationship with everyone, the least he could do is say, "Hello." Since god has not used his omnipotence to demonstrate his existence in a clear, testable, verifiable, detectable way to anyone alive today, we can safely assume that either he no longer is omnipotent, he does not want a relationship with everyone, or he does not exist. I am going with the latter.

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