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Your relationship can survive Super Bowl Sunday

Your relationship can survive Super Bowl Sunday
Your relationship can survive Super Bowl Sunday
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Super Bowl Sunday...the quietest day of the year in the world of prostitution. The day when far too many Americans throw their hearts, minds and souls into something as trivial as a football game. The day when commercial brainwashing is at its insidious best. People actually admit that they look forward to ads and spend the next week talking about them.. How can your relationship survive this superficial overload?

One survival tool is that you both love the Super Bowl. You get matching jerseys and throw a party with more food and drink than a Las Vegas buffet. Throughout the six month pre-game and two week game, you high five each other, kiss, hug, cheer and toast to Bacchanalian excess. You're sharing a common interest and feeling warmly connected. Just don't make bets with each other or that warm fuzzy feeling will return to winter real quick.

Another fairly easy survival tool is that neither of you like the Super Bowl. There is just nothing about the ordeal that captures your interest. There are distinct advantages to your relationship. Art centers, fine dining establishments and most sex shops aren't busy so the two of you can enjoy your mutual interests without the disturbance of crowds. Or you can just curl up on the couch together and watch The Lost Boys for the fiftieth time. The point being, whatever you choose to do, you are feeling just as warmly connected as the above couple. Just don't place any sex shop bets.

Now for survival tools that aren't as easy. One of you loves the Super Bowl and the other feels loathing. Problem.

One survival tool that isn't actually recommended but unfortunately is all too common, is to end the relationship. You decide that you simply cannot and will not be with someone who's interest in this area is so opposite of yours. It's amazing how not loving the Super Bowl can be a deal breaker.

Your best survival tool, however, is acceptance. Accept that you can't change your partner. Accept that there are interests you can enjoy without him/her. If you are the Super Bowl loather, accept that you fell in love with a Neanderthal and that no one is perfect. And if you are the Super Bowl lover, accept that you fell in love with someone you will never understand. Accept that American mainstream culture and media is never going to change its obsession with this game. So once you have reached acceptance, you feel a sense of peace and you go about this day, relationship still lovingly intact.

Remember, no matter what the media tells is just a game.