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Your Pug at the Dog Park

Fun to be outside but be aware of the heat.
Taylor Family

Every Pug needs to stretch their legs, to run and play as well as socialize with other dogs. The biggest thing before taken your Pug to the dog park is to make sure your pug is socialized. You don’t want your Pug to be the mean Pug in the park or the Pug sitting in the corner. You want your Pug to run, play, and enjoy the time out. Another thing you want to do it to take your Pug to the vet to make sure they are healthy and all vaccines are administered to keep your Pug healthy. Some dog parks are not the cleanest and there are those individuals who will not clean up after their dog. Other dog’s feces may be infected with bacteria that could be harmful to your Pug. So be aware if your Pug is eating or sniffing another dog’s feces. Also other potential hazards are kennel cough and etc. It is best to take care of your Pug and hope others do the same.
Next thing is to locate a dog park around your specific area. There are free dog parks, beach dog parks, and paid dog parks. Find which is best you and your Pug. Some paid dog parks will be taken care a little bit better such as better lawn care and spraying insecticides to help limit flea infestation and other potential harmful insects. Free dog parks are usually taken care of by the county, city, or local government. These parks are taken care but may be a bit more relaxed compared to the paid dog parks. Beach dog parks are fun and different with the sand, however, remember sand can get into your Pug’s eyes causing problems; there are sand fleas to be aware of, and the hazards of drinking salt water. No matter which park you choice it is best to have your Pug drink from their water bowl, if possible.
At any park or during any exercise make sure you keep your Pug hydrated. Even stop whatever to make sure your Pug takes the time to get some water and catch their breath. Make sure you feed your Pug enough to make sure they have enough energy that they will be burning. Also, make sure your Pug does not overheat. Minimize the amount of time they are playing, especially in the heat. Simply walking could even overheat your Pug if the humidity and/or temperatures are hot enough. Keep plenty of water available and a moist towel if needed to help cool them down. Take things slowly and monitor your Pug closely as temperatures warm up. If you feel your Pug has over done it, it is best to take them to the nearest veterinarian hospital ASAP.
Have fun, enjoy your Pug whether watching them play with other dogs or simply spending time enjoying the outside. Exercising it good and needed. Have a good time!!

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