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Your professional site design for little to no expense

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

It is true. Many of us do not have the money for a new Mercedes-Benz this week. Nor do many of us have the design talent that is demonstrated at this past week's MB Fashion Week. Fortunately, we need neither money nor design abilities to get our spot on the web. There are places where you can create your site for little to no expense and the designs are put together by professionals who spend their time coming up with eye-catching web site designs.

The following is a list of some example places where you can get one of those designs for free or a low price. Please note, some of the free options are actually a free trial, to see if you like what you see. It is an option to pet the puppy before taking your pet home.
Not as well known as the list below, nonetheless, Website-Builder exudes professionalism from the moment it loads. The home page keeps loading time minimal by offering a button that you can click when you want to see more. The templates are unique and beautiful, rather than stock and template-like. The only caution would be a recommendation to replace the Flickr images with licensed images, to ensure against any compliance issues in the future. This site does an exceptional job taking the design work out of your hands, inspiring you to present you best foot forward for the public.
DoodleKit offers an affordable monthly option that includes impressive templates and also offers a free option with free templates. The templates are a bit "stock" looking, but they are clean, professional, and do the job of presenting an image worth noting on the web. The free option, at this time, is not a trial. There are some limitations in bandwidth, etc., as would be expected, in the free option, but it is suitable for someone who just wants a web presence and does most of their work offline.
MoonFruit boasts designs that are a little more flashy and impressive than DoodleKit, also available for free, but, like DoodleKit, there are restrictions on the feature set that is available. If you need something that is a bit more impressive in your site design, but still want free, and you don't care about the limitations, you will want to check out MoonFruit.
Webs' Theme Gallery almost makes one forget that they came to look at free site designs. It is a very impressive gallery of designs available for free. As with many (if not all) free site builder opportunities, it does include advertising by the provider, to offset the cost of the free designs. In the case of Webs, the upgrade, to remove that advertising, is quite affordable, at under $4 per month.
One of the things that was so impressive about Weebly was that they answer all the questions on the home page. Many of us are skeptical of the word, "free," and want to find the "catch" right away. Weebly lays it out for you right there, on the home page. No need to hunt and peck for the answers. Also, their design is very current (just compare to Google Hangouts, to see another contemporary design) and that is enough to inspire some confidence to check out more of what Weebly has to offer.

There you have it, a place to start (or re-start) your online presence. And, you can do it, initially at least, for free.

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