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Your preferred social network says a lot about your character?

Today communications are carried out a majority of the time on social networkings platforms. This new form of interaction increases exponentially each passing year. A new infographic published on Monday by explains the different character traits depending on the social networking website you use.

Social media symbol or icon.
Tuomas Kujansuu via Getty Images

So if you have an account on Instagram, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn or others what does that say about you? The infographic created by Santiago Tacaronte it examines eight social networks and identifies general character traits or characteristics for the users who utilize them.

Below is a bullet listing of the three traits specifically identified for the following social networks:

1. Twitter

  • “Light Talkers”
  • “Quick and Funny”
  • "Change the subject of conversation continuously"

2. Facebook

  • “Love share”
  • “Like to see what others are doing”
  • “Like everything”

3. Wordpress

  • “Heavy talkers”
  • “Give many details”
  • “Respond comments”

4. LinkedIn

  • “Committed to their professions”
  • “Love travel”
  • “Always traveling”

5. Foursquare

  • “Like to be the spotlight”
  • “Compulsive travelers”
  • “City lovers”

6. Instagram

  • “Picture Lovers”
  • “Dreamers
  • “Change the subject of conversation continuously”

7. Google+

  • “Fighters”
  • “Patience”
  • Confident

8. Hootsuite

  • “Managers”
  • “Perfectionists”
  • “Researchers”

So coming away with these general personality traits, what else does the infographic reveal about the person? As a result a one word description for each type of user.

If you use Twitter you are considered fresh while if you use Facebook you are curious. If you are a hardcore blogger on Wordpress then you’re complicated.

Now, if you happen to be a Foursquare as an active user you may just be a bit restless. For Instagramers you are all dreamers. For those on Google+ you are faithful and finally for Hootsuite you are mad.

After careful consideration, if we happen to use all of the social networks simultaneously you are some kind of special individual. In the end, one infographic cannot really narrow down completely a person since it would be too convenient to classify everyone.

Our humanity differentiates one person to the next, the beautiful phenomenon about social networking it brings all of us together. The infographic takes a bold approach to kind of a describe what could be the dominant traits.

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