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Your Plans:"Point Break" Friday, "Champagne" Saturday, "Speakeasy" Either & More

Audience is part of the show with "Point Break Live."
Audience is part of the show with "Point Break Live."

You can speak easy or speak loud, but the weekend brings a continuation of some fun shows – and a request for you to plan ahead to spend a Sunday morning with me watching a film endorsed by former President Clinton.

"The Speakeasy" is a big hit with little fanfare

Point Break Live” returns to San Francisco tonight with two performances – at 7:30pm and 11pm. The funny send-up of the cult Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves movie only comes to San Francisco once a month (first Friday) so snap up those tickets now – or get them for a future show. This event, at DNA Lounge, is not to be missed.

With its witty script – mostly from the godawful movie – and the fact that they cast someone from the audience to play Keanu Reeves – makes this truly an original theatrical experience – especially if you buy VIP tickets which gets you a seat up front, a T-shirt and a meatball sandwich. Oh, you also get a rain jacket as “Point Break” often takes place at the beach where surfers are and the water tends to hit the audience. And hits hard. They also manage to shoot blood out in the audience when a murder takes place – and, how can I write without being edited – the end product of a man satisfying himself also gets thrown into the audience. When I went, I was hit by this creamy substance. But don’t worry folks – it’s all acting – it’s not real blood and water – as they want you to come back as they also started doing “Terminator Too: Judgment Play” on the first Thursday of the month.

“Point Break Live” is a beer blast come to life with a group of wonderful actors pushing their talents and the audience to the limit. Throw is the fact that several of the actors walk around shirtless and rubbing each other with lotion and water, you have quite a fun night. You can also drink throughout the show and it’s the only live theatre that encourages during the show tweeting, Facebooking and InstaGraming (in fact, someone wins a free T-shirt at every performance).

The same is true for their comic masterpiece “Terminator Too” – more on that a few weeks before it comes back. For both shows, we can all thank director/producer Thomas Blake. While he’s not the creator, he brings the entire cast and sets from LA after they play there.

“Point Break Live” and “Terminator Too” play in New York and Los Angeles as well. Get their schedule and tickets at and

Another show that is still running is “*hit & Champagne,” the dragploitation parody of grindhouse movies. D’Arcy Drollinger makes a great and sexy dancer who singled handed must put an end to white slavery as the famous chain Mal Wart has been turning its employees into sex workers. She dances, sings and karate chops her way deep into the underworld, meeting her match in Matthew Martin as the ring leader.

Our dynamic duo make this high camp even more fun and they are supported by a wonderful cast including Steven LeMay, whom I was surprised actually isn’t a natural born woman, and Peter Griggs, who manages to make his cross-eyed character seem like it’s for real and he’s not acting.

“Champagne” keeps almost closing but the audience keeps coming back for more, so once again it’s been extended at the fun Rebel bar on Fridays and Saturday at least until the end of April. Get tickets at

While I am not suppose to officially review as I went during a preview and missed press night, but the ingenious “The Speakeasy” is quietly becoming a long running hit, with new sets of tickets becoming available about every six weeks.

“The Speakeasy” is exactly what the title suggests: amazingly talented Nick A. Olivero creates a world of the late 1920s in which we are taken to a speakeasy to watch a vaudevillian show, gamble, drink cocktails and spy on actors before or after their show-within-a-show.

I can’t tell you where the location is as it’s a secret. But you will be text the address to meet a day prior to your performance and then that’s the last connection you have to the modern world as cell phone use at the Speakeasy is forbidden.

Get your tickets in advance at

Finally, please plan a head a bit. I am screening the emotional documentary “Bridegroom” on Sunday, April 13 at 11am at the Opera Plaza Cinema.

This screening will be its only San Francisco showing outside of the Frameline Film Festival. Sure you can get this movie on DVD and OnDemand, but it’s an amazing love story that transcends all time and is truly a film best viewed in the company of others. Besides, for the $10 fee, besides getting a great film, there also might be a secret short subject prior and some DVD giveaways.

The award winning documentary’s screening is being done in conjunction with Thomas Bridegroom’s birthday. While he will be with us in spirit, but if you want to do an “in lieu of birthday present,” I’d love for you to make donations to the Claudia Foundation, that will share in receiving a portion of the profits as well as Love is Louder.

The Claudia Foundation, started by Linda Bloodworth Thomason, director of “Bridegroom” and co-creator of “Designing Women,” in honor of her mother Claudia. The Claudia Foundation is a unique organization whose purpose is to promote positive change in the lives of individuals, especially women. Its mission is to educate, equip and enrich. In particular, it offers challenging opportunities and resources for individuals to explore their personal goals and educational possibilities through scholarships, academic experiences, community service, and the arts. The Foundation also strives to introduce educational, social, and cultural enrichment to the community. Get more information at

Love is Louder was started by the Jed Foundation, MTV and Brittany Snow to support anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood or alone. Its hundreds of thousands of people just like you who have turned this idea into a movement. A movement of all types of people who have come together to raise the volume around the message that love and support are louder than any internal or external voice that brings us down. Learn more and make a donation at

For tickets to the screening, go to

Check out a preview of the film at

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