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Your personal brand: Fascinating

We all know a thing or two about ourselves. I know that I may not be the center of attention at a party because I’m not an easy extrovert. I’ve had personality assessments tell me these things and I know what I can improve, after all we want to stay in the game and be well perceived. Recently I learned about a new assessment based on how others see you, it’s called the Fascination Advantage. What I liked about it is that I don’t have to try to be something that I’m not; I just have to understand the advantage of what I have to offer. This is a concept that applies directly to your personal brand.

Learning how to fascinate
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Sally Hogshead’s book “How the World Sees You” describes “fascination advantages” or archetypes. It means that your “type” which comes natural to you, can be used as an advantage in business and relationships. Ms. Hogshead spent considerable time researching these archetypes and with her marketing background comes up with a way that you can determine your personality type and use it to market your personal brand to the world. It’s a great concept and easily available by taking a short quiz at the website.

What it does is help you to craft your elevator pitch, your LinkedIn profile and all of your other personal marketing materials. It enables you to make what you uniquely are more accessible to others. Understanding your archetype and the things you are not comfortable doing can help you stay away from those activities that don’t come natural. The idea is to make use of what you already are for when you fascinate your listener you become most worthy of attention.

I think Sally Hogshead is making a very positive, uplifting point. Instead of focusing on what you are not so good at, you put your efforts into being what you naturally are. This enables you to distinguish yourself from competition much more than trying to overcome your shortfalls. It’s philosophically grounded in self-acceptance. It’s much easier for you to be comfortable in your archetype and use those skills to your advantage rather than force fit yourself into a role that feels awkward.

Being comfortable in your skin and how you present yourself to the world is the single best way to market your personal brand. Once you’re aware of your archetype, you’ll surround yourself with people from different ‘types’ to balance your strengths with the talents of others. Your easy grace and confidence will lead to success even when the odds are against you. Being more of what you truly are, you’ll be delighted in marketing your personal brand.

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