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Your personal brand: A block of chipped marble

There are those who say we are just a block of marble being chipped away by circumstances and time into the work of art we ultimately become. Is that composition something that was predestined, or are we shaped by atmospheric, environmental forces around us? Some philosophies tout “it is written…” as if everything that were to happen has already been recorded somewhere, while others think we are choosing to write this story every day by the decisions we make

A work of art
Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

Day after day I deal with people who are human. They may make mistakes, or they have wrong perceptions. Each person tries to act on what they think is the truth for them, but they can be wrong. They could have misperceived something, or misunderstood an action. When confronted with these mistakes or even transgressions, their reactions are varied, but inevitably they fall into categories. There are those who do not think they are responsible and those who see their part and take responsibility for it. It’s this latter group who seem to learn and grow. The former group goes on blaming others for their fate, and dodges their accountability in the matter. So it is with our personal brand: will we be accountable to ourselves and that chipped piece of marble we are becoming, or will we see ourselves as a victim of some unknown sculptor chipping away at us.

It all depends on our point of view and our willingness to take part in our own evolution. How willing are we to participate in chipping away at our marble to get down to the core of what we really are or what we can become. You can read articles on creating your personal brand, but do you take steps to create something meaningful that is accessible to others? It may be as simple as changing your resume into what is termed a human voiced resume, talking about your talents and skills in a down to earth way. Or it could be taking the step to write a blog about a subject you are passionate about and while demonstrating your prowess, you show what you care about. That block of marble is starting to take a human shape.

I discovered a website that talks about combining your brand with your immediate environment, creating an atmospheric brand around you. It might sound far-fetched, but it could be a way to move one step further towards true comprehension of what you have to offer the world. What have you got to lose? It’s a chance to become the brand you’ve wanted to be.

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