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Your Next Level is According to Your Faith Walk

If you want to serve God completely and live at higher plateau in your life, is where your faith is right now. You can very well be talking the talk but the walk is more significant that not. I trust that you know you WANT to head in the right direction, but are you? And, do you realize that you might have to walk alone?

Recent conversations about faith have me asking people if they believe what they read; meaning, you know what the Bible says, but do you believe what it says? Some people really look like they don’t know if they believe what it says, but they are trying. The point, at SOME POINT IN OUR LIVES, there is no need to try, but to do. I can’t teach anyone to trust God if they can’t even see HIM working things out in their lives from the simplest of things; gas in car, food on table, awake every morning. Here’s another walk of life question: If you don’t believe the Bible, how do you believe the devil exists?

The challenge at this stage of faith is, Lucifer is watching your every move. Yes, Lucifer. We have watered down satan’s name so much that it doesn’t cause people to move any faster, when they should move faster. So, Lucifer is watching just as God is watching. You can say all you want to say, but what are you actually doing? The reality is this: YOU HAVE TO MOVE IN ALL THAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

What are you talking about? Well, if you are quoting scripture but don’t realize the true meaning of that verse, you’re not moving. If you are at church or attending all of the conferences, but not putting into action what was said at each and every service, you are not moving. Your next level is according to your faith walk and if you’re not moving, you’re not walking and your elevation to the next level isn’t happening.

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