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Your new years resolution; how to include your pet.

What has the New Year brought? Resolutions often include stopping or starting a variety of things. Why not try including this year? Your pet is waiting...

If your resolution includes beginning exercise, include your pet.
For beginning exercise check out

For running with your pet check out

For cycling with your pet check out

If your resolution includes stopping something, like excess drinking, smoking, etc., try investing that money towards your pet. Lets run the numbers for pet care.

heartworm preventative $37-47/6 months (Heartgard) $6-8 a month

annual examination and vaccines-  $100-120 (varies)  $10 a month. Consider discussing your pets needs with your veterinarian; not all pets need all vaccines annually. Older pets may need annual bloodwork more than vaccination. Exclusive indoor pets with no exposure to stray animals may also not need full vaccination.

Flea prevention can vary widely but we'll include an estimate of $12-16 a month.

Total: $28 a month for a small dog to $34 a month for a larger dog. (Food not included as it is a required purchase). When you compare, the average nationwide cost of cigarettes is $5.15 per pack. How many packs does the average smoker go through in a month? We all have to back, especially in the upcoming year, but finding ways to redistribute our wealth will ensure that we can continue to provide the best for our pets.



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