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Your morning coffee in relation to stress

Take time to relax and enjoy the coffee
Take time to relax and enjoy the coffee
Diana M. Little

Coffee can be a wonderful pick me up in the morning. It can keep you on task during the day and help you get out of bed in the morning. Caffeine, just like any other drug, can have poor health effects. When under strain with life, it is a good idea to decrease the amount of caffeine in your diet.

If you are noticing that your hair is falling out, that you start having heart problems, a lot of that can be induced by stress. Some stress is good and important in life, but caffeine is a drug that adds to stress. It is important to remember to take it down a notch if you start showing signs of health problems.

A good way to be able to have the same amount of cups of coffee while still decreasing the amount of caffeine, is to either mix some decaffeinated bean with your regular, or to switch to decaf all the way. Decaffeinated beans are not completely without caffeine. Learn more here.

Whenever having heart problems, always consult your doctor, and let them know how much coffee and other caffeinated products you have been drinking. Sometimes a change in diet is all the doctor will order.

When you have a regular amount of caffeine you drink daily, it is important to remember not to take yourself off caffeine all at once. Caffeine is a drug that your body needs to become accustomed to not having anymore. Some withdrawal symptoms can include headaches and mild depression.

Coffee is wonderful, and being around to enjoy it is just as great.


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