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Your Lawn Needs a Good Spring Cleaning

Carspm Arthur, Outdoor expert and TV celebrity, offers tips for homeowners to be lawn ready.
Carspm Arthur, Outdoor expert and TV celebrity, offers tips for homeowners to be lawn ready.
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By Paul Fitzgerald - Outdoor expert and TV celebrity offers tips for homeowners to be lawn ready

The snow is long gone, and now it’s time for some spring cleaning.

However spring cleaning doesn’t just involve house work. It also involves yard work and most importantly getting your lawn back in shape after a long, long cold winter.

“Having a nice, lush green lawn may seem like an impossible task after the long winter we just endured,” says Carson Arthur, who is a popular outdoor expert and host on Critical Listing (HGTV). “But don’t despair there are plenty of ways to get your lawn back in shape.”

With sunny skies and warm temps now finally a reality, Arthur suggests homeowners utilize premium grass seeds on the market. And there are plenty of them too.

“Sure, premium grass seeds may be a bit more expensive but they do wonders for your lawn,” he says. “For those who want to enjoy the spring and summer weather and who don’t want to be stuck at home taking care of their lawns, then I highly recommend premium grass seeds as they work and require less maintenance.”

He adds, “If you go for cheaper grass seeds, it means you will be spending more time looking after your lawn and it will no doubt interfere with your lifestyle.”

First thing first, Arthur says get a heavy, stiff garden rake and get to work. “After you give your lawn and heavy raking, it’s going to look terrible for a week or so, but don’t fret it – it gets better, trust me.”

Then get a wheel barrel filled with your premium grass seed and apply it on your lawn. In no time your lawn will look amazing.

“Now is the time to give your lawn some tough love,” says Arthur. “Since it is spring, a few hours of work will make a world of difference.”

Premium grass seeds are also great since we are expected to have a warmer spring and a very hot summer.

“There are many premium seeds that have deeper roots which mean they are water sippers. In making the right investment in a grass seed means you will be saving money on your water bill and helping protect the environment. And, using a premium grass seed means you don’t have to go crazy when using fertilizers.”

When your lawn turns green and grows, then it’s mowing time.

“Make sure you give your lawn and early mowing and don’t prolong this,” he says. “Use a sharp blade and try and cut at three inches as this is more than ideal.”

Overseeding on thinner areas is important, explains Arthur. Weeds and insects love these areas, and you will thwart off unwanted lawn pests with overseeding.

“Another great tip is to mix in some top soil with your grass seed and apply it to thinner or damaged areas,” he says. “In no time, you will love your lawn and it will love you.”

In using a premium grass seed means it’s more natural and is safer to use, and it’s great in getting rid of dandelions.

“I have a good hunch more and more homeowners are going to use premium grass seeds this spring and summer,” he says. “For the last ten years there have been a lot of gimmicks on the market that make all sorts of false claims. Customer dissatisfaction is up and now people want smarter and more efficient solutions so they can enjoy the outdoors and not spend hours tending to their lawns.”

He adds, “The only way to conquer the lawn unrest movement is to make the right investment early and you will have the lawn you have always dreamed of.”

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