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Your last most important decision ... Hospice Care!

Purpose of This Book
Making the decision….
1. History of Hospice
How did it all get started?
2. When Should Hospice Be Considered?
What are the indications?
3. Finding a Hospice for Your Needs
Picking the right facility….
4. What Questions Should Be Asked?
It’s important you get all the fact to be satisfied….
5. What Is the Function of Hospice?
What you have the right to expect….
6. Home Hospice
What to expect with home hospice….
7. Hospice Facility Care
What to expect from in patient care….
8. The Hospice Team
Some of the most remarkable people you’ll ever meet….
9. Hospice Care for the Patient
It’s all about the patient….
10. Hospice Care for the Family
Family, friends and loved ones will find support too….
11. Hospice Care for Children
Care and support for the child patient or the child survivor of a dying parent or loved one….
12. Being a Caregiver
One of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have….
13. After It’s Over
No matter how prepared you are, you’re never ready….
14. Bereavement
Grief is a difficult job you mustn’t avoid … and don’t forget the kids….
15. Facing Life
After the grief has been worked through engage in the renewed life your loved one would want you to live….

Purpose of This Book….
Making the decision to use hospice is perhaps the most important final decision you may ever make. The availability of hospice is a blessing to those who avail themselves of the service in their final days, weeks or months, as it is also for their families and loved ones. However, as wonderful as hospice and its services are, the decision to use hospice is not a simple one. It by its nature is an emotionally difficult decision to make. It is the purpose of this book to help the patient and his or her family to make that decision with a clearer understanding of what they should expect, what the up and down sides of hospice might be and how to chose the best services to serve your personal needs.
Our qualifications for writing this book are both from clinical and personal experience. Jane’s expertise comes from over 30 years in private practice in clinical psychology, and her experience dealing with the stresses of patients and their families facing their terminal time and the grief that follows for those family members and loved ones who must move on after the loss of their loved one. My expertise is two fold, through over 40 years of medical practice, advising patients and their families in making their final decisions and more important, from the knowledge I gained when my mother-in-law entered hospice and five years later when my own wife of 48 years entered hospice at the end of her battle with cancer.
We hope that our combined years of experiences with hospice will help you make an educated decision with full knowledge of what you should expect from the decision you make. As wonderful as hospice services are, hospice is not for everyone. A further decision you will have to make if hospice service is selected will be whether to use home hospice or enter a hospice facility. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. None of these decisions are easy ones; hopefully we can help you over the hurdles.

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