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Your kitten’s teething stage

Karla Kirby
Karla Kirby
I'm teething, be understanding

During the teething stage, new teeth in reality break through the gums. Any kitten going through the progression begins to chew as an attempt to reduce this pain. Kittens commonly chew on furniture, bedding, wood and the hands of their owners. This is a natural response to teething and should be redirected instead of punished. Offer kittens designated teething toys such as toys, straws and cat furniture to keep the kittens from chewing on expensive items.

Kittens have swollen, sore gums when they're teething. Their gums become a darker pink than standard, and appear inflamed and inflated. If you rub your fingers along the gums you will feel the razor-sharp tips of the new teeth stabbing through. Sore gums cause lots of kittens to stop eating, because chewing becomes quite painful. Feed kitten’s moist food at this time to preserve their level of nutrition until they can start on crunchy food again.

Kittens that are teething may become overly dependant on their owners. Kittens may also become listless and sleep for extended periods of time, depending on their personalities.

This phase doesn’t last long, but it is a crucial time in a kitten’s life. It is so important that you are there for them and take extra good care to see them through the discomforts of this period of their life. Keep a close eye on your kitten during this stage and make sure every one of their baby teeth come out even if this means checking their little mouths every single day.