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Your kid's friends...Readers' Top 5 Strategies for harmony

From the desk of...
From the desk of...
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Readers' sing in praise of putting personal feelings on back burner for their kids.  They suck it up, open their doors and let the kids be kids.  Reluctantly, in some cases, but with that came some great strategies to experiment with!  Sing along...

  1. "Come on a My House" - Plenty of readers felt uncomfortable sending their kids off to a home that had a big family transition going on.  Solution?  They played hosts with the most and kept social time in their own home or under their own supervision.
  2. "King for a Day" - When dealing with a chronically head-strong friend, acknowledging the differences in family rules, but clearly stating 'House Rules' won out.  It was either effective or wound down a friendship that was becoming a burden to their child.  A sound means of demonstrating the long term values and self-confidence your child will need to deal with loads of peer pressure situations.  And parents who were willing to stand firm amidst their own peer pressure, over the test of time, were pleased to find themselves with no regrets.
  3. "Cry Baby Cry" - Similarly, a friend who was repeatedly bored, whiny, dissatisfied or disinterested either accepted the offerings or fell off the charts.  One parent noted, "I felt it was totally unfair to my [child].. to give and give to this kid!"
  4. "Save it for Later" - While 'fessing that some friend's parents were just so uneven in their interaction as to concern, consensus was to give the kids their moments and keep an eye toward how relations evolved.
  5. "Teach Your Children Well" - One reader was blown away by the genuine affection between their child and an unexpectedly harmonious friend.  The school environment gave no clue that these kids had a quality bond.  A big reward to find your own child's judgment in key.  '...Teach your parents well..' indeed

Sounds like we won't know how the song ends unless we play it.  Practice, practice, practice.  Join the Resolution, and feel free to continue to comment on this topic and


  • Luigi 5 years ago

    Great strategies. Putting them to song help to remember them.

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