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Your kid's friends...Readers' Request...Where should parents fit in?

From the desk of...
From the desk of...
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This Examiner needs your feedback!  When does picking play-date buddies end?  It’s blowing in with the spring breezes or something, but this topic is hot.  I need your Point of View…

Out of the gate, parents are almost exclusively the social coordinators for their kids.  For obvious reasons. Children are initially introduced to other kids through the family, friends, neighbors, church and hobby interests based on their parent’s life-styles and goals; people, places and things as close to being in our control as anything can be.

It‘s all good.  But our influence starts fading the day they walk through the academic arches. And each young person finds kids they like to be with.  Some we steered them towards, and some we didn’t.

This is a complex issue because we’re dealing with a lot of players.  You, your own kids, the friends they make and their parents.  Do the math and the result is rife with potential conflicts.  But it can be simplified, especially if we share.

This Readers’ Request topic has Examiner calling for Readers’ Responses.  We’re looking at honest insights and experiences about letting our kids out on a longer line.  Day by day, year by year.

- Share your insights; pre-school years to high school.

- Did an unexpected choice of friend work out so well you were surprised?

- Or did an ideal friendship suddenly veer off course?

- What role do we think we should play in the support of friendships?

- Is it our job to approve of our children’s friends?

Nothing means more to us than our kid’s fulfillment.  And yet we know that they will ultimately be, just as we were, out in the fray finding out who they are, largely through their own experiences.

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!  Join the resolution.  We’ve got some ground to cover here…from building the foundation as you see it to preparing to charge to the rescue!

Leave comments and .  This is the chance to tell that tale that can help somebody else.  Or simply be reminded of how universal our journey’s are. After all, we’re all kids at heart! And resolutions (otherwise known as happy endings) are within our grasp!


  • Lori 5 years ago

    Hope this still helps? I don't have kids around, if their parents don't call or call back.

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