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Your job is being a magical person for the community where you live

Some students visit in their physical bodies and some in their light bodies – depending on their dimensional evolution. - See more at:
Some students visit in their physical bodies and some in their light bodies – depending on their dimensional evolution. - See more at:

My friend Edward Cain once said, "Just two words were written across the Parthenon in Greece, know thyself."

He paused, then added, "I assume they fu*king meant that literally."

Nobody had more to say about paganism and the many practices that are ascribed to by modern pagans, than my friend Edward Cain. During the time of our friendship, Edward taught me about sorcery, magic, and witchcraft. He lived a humble enough existence, considering he was also an incomplete quadriplegic. He had full tactile sense, but had no ability to move his body from the neck down, yet he had mastered much in my opinion.

Edward had been in touch with his magical energies and intuition since early in life.

Since his spinal injury occurred during adolescence, he had found it necessary to earn his way with his psychic and magical gifts. He had taught himself to read and write with a stick in his mouth, and other very amazing things. He also had been doing psychic readings to earn a living for many years, as we met in his middle age.

The divination mediums of choice for Edward were the crystal ball and reading psychic auras. Edward and I shared many wonderful evenings talking about the occult, mysticism, history and all our shared interests. It was less of a mentor or student relationship, than it was like comrades at arms. Edward has now left this world, so his many wise words are what stay with me and there were many. Yet it is a short conversation we had about magic and material gain, that is one of my fondest memories that he left me with.

On this particular evening in Phoenix, Arizona, I was very worried about what I should do with my life, career, college and the future. Apparently I went on about my personal woes financially enough to make Ed very frustrated with my whole attitude. So that night, Edward Cain schooled my magical mind and challenged my spiritual heart with what he said. So in memory of my friend, I want to share what he said for others to read and gain their own insight from.

On that night, Edward told me to sit down and listen carefully.

" All people have jobs that they are drawn to do, choose to do, get paid to do, and even are forced into doing for various reasons, but the job you are born to do, will never stop being yours. Because it is your job in life. Since I was born with the gift of second sight, whether some might call it seeing, or sorcery, witchcraft or soothsaying, or my own personal satanic hell spawned psychic powers. It is might right to use these for my own good, my benefit and my personal material gain, because it is what I do for a living. I am a spiritually minded worker being employed by the magical powers that be. That means do as thou will, but also using those powers that the universe has blessed me with and not doubting whether I should do so. I do so and I deserve to do so."

"You don't see Gandalf the wizard taking part time jobs as a bus boy, but he does do fireworks shows for hobbits on their birthdays. Wise people and magically gifted souls always have their fall back positions, but your job is being a magical person for the community where you live and the world itself. Hence, there is no shame in taking material gain from it, as long as you understand that the 3 fold or 10 fold laws of karmic balance, can and will be applied directly to your credit cards and bank accounts."

"On the other hand, if you should you be practicing tom foolery rather than being a legitimate seer, beware the consequences and stay away from lightning rods. Don't ever use psychic powers just to manipulate or steal from those that come for your help, it will burn you. But choosing not to use your magical powers to earn your keep and pay the bills, well even the most novice black or white magic knows that is just stupid and personally evil. Meaning simply, that it serves no purpose to be magically empowered and waste it on procrastination."

"Don't say you practice magic and then tell me you can't get a job. Call to the Goddess about your needs, hell pray to Satan, your favorite patron saint, or Carlos Santana, for all I care. If you want something to come about, then make it happen. Again, I could care less, but use magick or don't. Don't waste energy that could be put to good use elsewhere in the big wide universe, she gets enough of that. Magical fence sitters are taking bread out of the mouths of talented witches and wizards every where. My motto is love is the will, pay your toll at the door and love is the law."

And with that Edward Cain was done speaking.

I miss you Ed, your wondrous magical influence will always be a part of my life.

Blessed Be.

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