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Your infant's formula

    Giving your baby watered down formula could be very dangerous for your little one’s health.  Although, watering down your infant’s formula may save you money, it could be harmful to your baby.  Watering down the formula is definitely not worth saving money over.  Depending on the type of  formula you are using will depend on how much water should be mixed.  If you are using powdered formula you should be mixing one unpacked scoop of formula with every two ounces of water.  Using a concentrated formula, you should mix one ounce of formula with one ounce of water.  Ready to feed formulas do not need any water mixed.
     There are a few rules of using formula that every parent should remember.  You should never use formula that is expired.  The expiration date is usually found at the bottom of the container.  Also, be sure to use the formula within 30 days of opening.  If you are using ready to feed formula, remember to always shake the container before mixing a bottle.  Many types of formula require you to stir the mixed formula with a straw or spoon instead of shaking the bottle to prevent the nipple from clogging up.
    The American Academy of Pediatrics have studied the dangers of watered down formula and how it affects your infant.  The are dangers of watering down formula including not allowing your infant to get the proper nutrition.  It also could create developmental issues that link to the brain which could cause brain damage.  Diluting your infant’s formula could also lead to life threatening situations.  Too much water in a bottle could cause tissues to swell, which also includes the brain.  Giving your infant too much water, can lower the sodium content and electrolytes which are in the blood can cause your baby pain and even cause your infant to have seizures.
    Many parents admit to doing this to save money because of their financial struggle.  Formula is not the thing to try to be saving money on, since it is an essential for your infant.  Cutting costs on toys may be a better route when trying to save money.  It is important to remember that you can purchase toys and clothes for your child at rummage sales which definitely cut costs.  As fast as your baby will grow out of his clothes and toys, you will be saving more money that way.


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