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Your Hawaii vacation home

Living room furniture
Living room furniture
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Hawaii enjoys many repeat visitors each year and that’s always great news for tourism but, many of them love the islands so much that they’re taking the plunge and buying a vacation or second home here. In the long term, it’s probably the most affordable way to take long / many Hawaii vacations but it can be a big decision to make.

However, once the finances have been reviewed, the decision made and the purchase complete, the next step is probably deciding what type of furnishing is right for the new home since chances are likely that they won’t be living here full time – at least not right away.

If you are someone who has purchased a home here, decorating your new home can be fun. Do you want a classic Hawaiian-style or a laid-back surfer look for your island home? The decision depends primarily on how the home will be used.

• If the plan is to rent the home to others when you’re not here, then it should be as tropical as possible since people visiting Hawaii want / expect it to be.
• If will be exclusively your family home in the islands, then you may want to tone it down a bit and choose furnishings that will be comfortable for you and your family over the long term.
• To some degree, your island home can mimic your mainland residence, but, since it is in Hawaii, it might be more fun to furnish it differently.

You can choose contemporary living room furniture or go with a more local flavor focusing on bamboo or wicker furniture … the options are endless. You’ll just need to decide what colors you want.

Other considerations for décor include:
• How big the home is and how much space you have determines the type of furnishing that makes the most sense.
• Consider furnishing the new home with a few key pieces to start then add more furniture each time you visit.
• No matter how the home will be used, however, the furnishing should be well made to last a long time.

If you need some help, chat with friends you have here for ideas, visit a couple of furniture stores and talk to a sales person … or, hire a decorator and tell her your favorite color and let her take care of the rest. There is a plethora of furniture styles in all shapes and colors and you’re bound to find something that will be perfect for your island home.

Here's to living in Hawaii.

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