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Your happy: The tipping point in familial relationships

Fresh start
Often, with the close of one year and the crisp newness of another beginning, we feel recharged, energized to make shifts to our mundane living. Some seek physical transformations (e.g. diets, gym memberships, joining yoga studios) while others embody financial aspirations (e.g. yearly budgets, savings, decreasing debts). Yet, what if we stretched beyond superficial quick fixes towards the cultivation of our authentic selves. Are we a living expression, advertising our authenticity? Perhaps it is time for a fresh start…

Happiness is contagious
How we choose to perceive situations, both globally and personally, sets the stage for all emotions reactions. Part of our human experience is our ability to feel; to have a wide range of emotional expressions. The emotion itself holds not positive or negative charge; only that in which we prescribe it. Reactions can be shifted to responses; with the latter implying the release to the attachment prescribed to the felt emotion. In this release, comes an inner peace, which translates into a state of happiness. Most of us have had the fortune of experiencing someone in this place, where they radiate an energy like a magnet, pulling you towards them with a sense of warmth. Perhaps that person is you.

Domino effect
When we release our emotional reactions into responses, a sense of clarity arises. This has a domino effect for those who surround us, such as family members. When we touch our authentic selves, as expressed by our interactions, choices, and responses, we are living in authenticity. Parents must allow their authentic selves to shine; both as an illustration of living for their children and also for themselves.

Your happy
No on knows this but you. Perhaps in the spirit of ‘new beginnings’, we can allocate space in reflection towards living in authenticity. Authentic living folds into all facets of relational life-family, partnership, friends, professional, and self- and unfolds into living genuinely happy. Perhaps the salient aspect to keep in mind is that happiness is not a goal, it is a state of being. Be happy. Your authentic self thanks you in advance.

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