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Your guide to the Atlanta School Guide

Elementary School Students
Elementary School Students
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Greetings Atlanta parents, The Summer/Fall edition of the Atlanta School Guide is now available. If you are in the need of a sources for information about schools and resources in the Metro Atlanta Area and beyond then go out and pick up a copy today. The guide is available for free at more than 950 distribution locations. It is broken down into a variety of focus areas. The schools areas highlight Early Education, Boarding Schools, Charter Schools, Independent Schools and even Higher Education. There is also information about Summer Camps, Field Trips, and Outreach Programs & Family Fun. The final areas of focus are Tutoring & Learning Assistance, Educational Resources & Services and Neighborhoods & Counties. In each of these sections organizations and companies provide beautiful ads with information about the services that they offer.

The Atlanta School Guide also provides useful articles for its readers. The current articles provide information about: help with school admissions, excelling in school and school field trips. The articles are well written and very informative. The guide also breaks down the Metro Atlanta area into 5 regions with listings for Independent Schools located in the regions. They also highlight a couple of neighborhoods/cities for each region giving tidbits of information about them. A Public School County Guide giving information about the number of schools, number of students, test scores and other information about each county and city school system in Metro Atlanta is also included. The Atlanta School Guide is without a doubt one of the best educational resources that you can find. To get a copy you may visit your public library, a preschool or a local supermarket. You may also contact Killam Publishing Inc. at 770-992-7463.


  • BJ 4 years ago

    Yes, I have looked through this guide before. I did not realize they had so much information. I will be sure to look through the latest issue with a more watchful eye. Thanks