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'Your Grandfather's Sabre' champions the cause of military spouses

Cover of Your Grandfather's Sabre
Cover of Your Grandfather's Sabre

The unique challenges military spouses face will be endured by the 25 million of them supporting our warriors today. How do we, as a nation, support our military families? This question is taken up in the recently-released Your Grandfather's Sabre, by author David Kotzebue (Major, USAR), third generation military. This true story is a consciousness-raising drama of the rigors military families face.

David’s story is about Army-wife mother, Kitty, who after 28 years as a military spouse, found herself facing homelessness and poverty. The Supreme Court forbade former military spouses from claiming any part of their ex-spouses’ military retirement benefits. Kitty's fight to right this wrong and gain equal footing with her civilians counterparts took her all the way to the floor of Congress to tell her story.

The message of the need to support military spouses is as cogent today as it was for Kitty. To read more about "Your Grandfather's Sabre" visit

David Kotzebue speaks about the rights of military families and speaks on topics such as the 'other critical battles' that took place on December 7, 1941. To contact David and get him to speak to your organization, please contact him at For Kotzebue’s speaking writer to him at