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Your government wants to cut your Social Security

This time the axe man is President Obama. Like dealing with the Iranians, he believes giving up something in negotiations will lead to a better outcome. Only, this time, he is putting a slice of your social security on the table for Republicans instead of a slice of national security for Iranians. It is the same behavior, and the reason why incumbent Democrats need to rein in this President before his mistakes hurt the nation.

If the President persists, impeach him.

Obama is an appeaser and capitulator.

As an appeaser, he intends to concede to the belligerent demands of wealthy Republicans in a conciliatory effort, at the expense of American middle class and poor citizens and seniors.

As a capitulator, he intends surrender his loyal constituents just to make it easier for himself. It is a self-serving act.

The story is that incumbent Democrats are afraid of the consequences of Obama’s actions right before the midterm elections. They should be frightened because if they can’t control the President, than they should not be reelected.

If Obama persists on this course, he may be dancing with impeachment, and the call may be friendly fire and not Darrell Issa.

“Democrats plead with Obama to abandon Social Security cut

By Alexander Bolton - 01/11/14 12:00 AM EST

Democratic senators are pleading with President Obama to abandon his proposal to trim Social Security benefits before it becomes a liability for them in the midterm elections.

The president proposed a new formula for calculating benefits in his budget last year, in hopes that the olive branch to Republicans would persuade them to back tax increases in a broader fiscal deal.

But Democratic lawmakers say Obama should shelve the idea now that they are facing a difficult midterm election where they need to turn out the liberal base to preserve their Senate majority.

“I’m not sure why we should be making concessions when the Republicans show absolutely no willingness to do the same,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).

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