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Your friends might be dis-easing you!

Negative energy is like gravy on mashed potatoes, once you pour it on you can never get rid of it all. Toxic energy is DIS-easing! Taking the body out of its natural order, toxic energy produces acid in the body. Like acid reflux, acid indigestion, and heart burn toxic energy can make you sick. When your stomach starts churning or your head aching from work or anxiety, what is actually happening your body is killing off valuable healthy cells and reproducing weakened or sick cells that begin to produce weaker and sicker cells.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Misery Loves Company” well that’s true because toxic people can only breed (figuratively) in a toxic environment.

Have you ever had someone call you up first thing in the morning and say something like, Girl I have been waiting for you to get up…I couldn’t wait to call you…you will never guess what “he/she” did last night! And the story begins and before you can brush your teeth or have your morning coffee, you have been drugged and dragged into someone’s misery!

Think about it for a moment, after hanging up the phone, how did you feel? Did you feel, heavy, depressed, anxious, angry, or all of the above? Of course you did! Why? (Have you heard this statement before.) Before you hang up the toxic secret is revealed. The person who has been so kind to share their negative toxic energy with you, gives you the final solidification or what I like to call the toxic slap… She/He says, thank you soooooo much for allowing me to get this off of my chest! Let’s repeat and repeat it carefully! Thank you sooooooo much for allowing me to get this off of my chest! Do you realize what your friend has done to you? Your friend has released her/his toxic energy off her/his chest and put it smack dab onto yours. No wonder you now feel like crap…You have been Toxic Slapped to Death!

So how do you prevent this from ever happening to you again? The next time a “friend” calls you to consciously or unconsciously dump their toxic stuff on you; kindly and compassionately STOP them. You don’t need to holler stop but you do need to be firm in your declaration. And before you allow them to say anything, you say to them, This situation is bigger than you and I and we need GOD’S help with this! So let’s both stop and pray, right here, right now! They will do one of two things, they will pray with you, or they will get the hell away from or off the phone with you…

Either one will be a blessing!

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