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Your fitness, all busyness or all business?

Is all that movement paying off?
Is all that movement paying off?
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Business consultants are fond of asking entrepreneurs if they confuse "busy-ness" with "business". It’s a fair question, because “busy-ness”, defined as, "...full of activity; characterized by much action or motion” is often mistaken for “business”, where the idea is profit. Efficiency is needed in business, not simply activity, and the more efficient the business, the more it profits.

A person could have a well-defined business plan and goals, but if her every activity is not directed wholeheartedly in that direction, the business will suffer. Every move must be toward her business goals. If she goes out for coffee, scans the internet, texts a few friends, and checks email and Facebook, she is indeed busy, but those activities will not help her business.

Fitness is not altogether different. Most people who undertake a fitness program have some idea of what they want to achieve, so they do some research; maybe join a gym or hire a trainer. And they are psyched to get started and see progress.

Unfortunately, many of today’s more popular workouts are generic programs. They look sensational, and attract crowds, so they must work, right? The truth is these are often “busy-ness” workouts. Lots of activity; lots of sweat, but not efficient.

An efficient program is one tailored to the individual. Every move; every ounce of precious time and energy is directed toward the individual’s particular ability and goal. Like a successful business, there are no wasted moves.

Some common problems in a generic, high intensity workout situation are:

  • Wrong exercise for a particular individual. In a generic workout, the chances of every exercise being correct for every person is very slim.
  • Unnecessary exercise for one’s goals. As mentioned, time and energy are precious. You want to get closer to your goals; not farther.
  • Poor form; athlete cannot perform exercise correctly and runs the risk of injury.
  • Athlete exceeds ability. When we exceed our abilities, any given exercise becomes compromised. A compromised exercise is an ineffective exercise. Wasted time and effort
  • Incomplete recovery from previous workout. This halts progress. Recovery is an essential, often forgotten, element of improvement.
  • Activity for the sake of activity. Great if you simply enjoy activity. But don’t you want results?

If one takes the time to find a professional who offers movement assessments, your chances of finding an exercise program that actually works improve tremendously. Locally, Catalyst Sport in midtown Manhattan is one of the best resources around, both for movement assessments and fitness programming. Make your workout more efficient; more business-like. Make your every move count, and get yourself some solid results to show for all of your activity.

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