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Your favorite new treat is waiting for you at Godiva

While I wouldn’t argue that diamonds can be a girl’s best friend, I think I can make the case for chocolate being a close second. It’s an even closer second when you are talking about GODIVA. And I got to test that theory (or should that be taste that theory?) on July 22 at their Century City (Los Angeles), California store as we got to sample their newest frozen treats: Trufflelata™ and Belgian chocolate soft serve.

My personal favorite of the new lines of products is the swirl soft serve in a cone.
Photo by Patricia Steffy

My love affair with GODIVA started years ago when I was working for a place that celebrated your work anniversary with a gold box. Each milestone year, the box got bigger, but even when the box fit only four pieces, I savored every bite. But I did place that chocolate into the “special occasion” category, and rarely treated myself on an average Tuesday.

This is going to change. At the start of summer, GODIVA rolled out frozen treats that are so good (and so affordable) that you will find yourself with a new warm weather favorite even if it is just an ordinary day. In fact, the hardest thing might be figuring out which flavor is your favorite—which, in terms of difficulties, is not a bad problem to have.

I knew we were going to be in for something special when we started off the evening with their Lady GODIVA piece: dark Belgian chocolate with white chocolate ganache. It was just a warm-up to get us in the chocolate mood, but what a fantastic way to start.

We then moved into the serious portion of the evening: frozen treats! We began with the Trufflelata™. It takes the traditional shake and ratchets up the chocolate by including a premium truffle in every cup. It’s literally blended into every order to make the shake experience even richer and smoother than before. They are currently offering six flavors: Chocolate Lava Cake, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Crème, Hazelnut Crunch, Milk Chocolate and Oreo® Cookie. It’s almost impossible for me to pick my favorite, though if hard-pressed, I would probably point to the Salted Caramel shake with the Hazelnut Crunch coming in as a very close second. Oh, but then there was the Oreo—yeah, I really can’t choose.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this shake will have only hints of flavor. Deep, luscious flavoring really sets this shake apart, and at only $6 (for approximately an 8 oz drink), you really can afford to grab one when the Santa Ana winds are blowing (and even when they aren’t).

From here we stepped into the soft serve phase. I’ve tasted my share of soft serve on hot summer nights, and I can honestly say that this Belgian chocolate in a cone is a step above them all. They come in three flavors: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate Vanilla Bean and Swirl. The vanilla is an impossibly decadent flavoring. It’s not just creamy, and yet it isn’t heavy. You aren’t overwhelmed by sugar. And while I thought the Dark Chocolate was going to be my runaway choice (and it was fantastic), my favorite of the night was actually the swirl. There’s something about the balance of the vanilla and chocolate that creates something uniquely tasty. This is also only $6, and it can sit in a waffle cone that is dipped in either dark or milk Belgian chocolate with almond praline around the top (for those with allergies or other preferences, cones are also available without the nuts). It can also be served in a 5 oz cup.

And because I think chocolate should be shared with friends, I took Pen along with me to get her take. She landed on the swirl soft serve as her overall favorite, as well. We both agreed that on a hot day, and we get many, many of those in Los Angeles, that this would be the perfect treat before hitting the beach or heading for the pool (or going back to work).

As the sign in the store said: “Today wants an afternoon escape,” and I think this is going to be a terrific one!

Don't forget to flip through the slideshow to check out a few of the goodies that GODIVA has to offer.

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