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Your ex is only human

Have you ever thought that your ex has no feelings? That he has no sense of remorse regarding your break up? That he/she is heartless? Have you ever wondered how he could have made the cold decision to break your heart?

Do you ever wonder if he’s even human?

Right now you’re angry and depressed, and you have every right to be, but have you ever thought about the painful decision your ex had to make to end your relationship?

Your ex loved you at one point. He/she enjoyed spending time with you. He may have even been considering marriage. The possibilty of a break up had not even crossed his mind.

Somewhere along the way, things went wrong in the relationship. Perhaps the two of you argued consistently about one problem in particular? Perhaps your friends didn’t like him? Perhaps one of your quirks that he used to adore had gradually started to grate upon his nerves? Whatever the instance, something was inherently wrong in the relationship and it made him wonder if the commitment was worth the pain and the arguing.

Falling out of love can be harder than the act of falling in love. On one hand he is in a whirlwind of flowers and rainbows and constant sex. On the other hand, the flowers have dried up, the rainbow has disappeared and the sex has become intermittent at best (and if that’s not the case, then sex may be the only thing keeping you together!). Relationship problems have come to the forefront of his mind, and after much contemplation, he eventually decides that it is in his best interest to end the relationship because of “X” problem.

Even though the break up may have blindsided you, he may have been mulling it over for a very long time. His feelings of remorse may not be immediately apparent to you, but remember that he had to make the painful decision to hurt you. And if you’ve ever broken up with someone, then you know how hard it can be to come to that decision.

So what do you do now?

Remember that he once loved you and had feelings for you. Remind yourself that his decision to end the relationship may have been just as hard on him as it is on you. Remember that he is only human.

Allow yourself to cry, laugh, get angry and be miserable; after all, you’re only human too!

And if you’d like to speak with humans who are in the same situation…go to where you can commiserate with other men and women just like you!


  • Tracey Parece~Boston Women's Relationship Advice E 5 years ago

    This is a very insightful article and I enjoyed reading it. ~Tracey

  • Profile picture of californiagirl
    californiagirl 4 years ago

    A good reminder that the ex is human too! ( I forgot...)