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Your Etch A Sketch drawings can be saved and used as pictures for your walls.

Holy Retro! This is a photo taken by a cell phone of an Etch A Sketch. The photo captures the sketch well, and the red frame provides a frame for your picture. After you make your sketch, photograph it with the red frame of the Etch A Sketch in the picture. Use your own photo software or use, which provides you the tools to sharpen and crop the photo. Be sure to include the whole frame and include nothing outside of that frame.Frame the picture in a frame-less frame.

This is a fun and  campy way to make a picture and it can be enlarged at Kinkos. However, the Etch A Sketch is close in size to printer paper, so print it and frame it at home and it will look more realistic. These look great in a game room or kids room  and can be grouped into a series.

When making your sketch, be sure to fill the frame. I have had great luck with scenes like tables and chairs or a child's room. Good Luck and Have Fun.