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Your Essential Kit for a Cycling Holiday

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Cycling holidays are rising in popularity. These holidays provide those with a passion for biking and travel to kill two birds with one stone. They can be enjoyed all over the world, with guides, fellow enthusiasts or on your own with a small group of friends or family. Unlike other holidays you can return home looking leaner, in better shape and feeling fully energised. If you’ve decided to head out on a cycling holiday here’s everything you’re going to need to take with you.

Taking Your Own Bike

If you’re going on a group holiday you may have the option of borrowing a bike. While this will save you the trouble of transporting your own bike you may regret the decision early on. You know your bike, it is comfortable and you’re used to it. You know the seat is suitable and the handle bars are in the perfect position to suit you. When you borrow a bike you may find you’re unhappy with the seating or the handlebar design and position. You’ll have to get used to the bike while cycling many miles a day, perhaps on difficult terrain.

What to Wear

You’ll need to wear padded shorts and it’s worth taking two or more pairs. Padded shorts come in loose fitting and tight fitting styles, so you can protect your derrière regardless of the style of shorts you prefer to wear. If you are worried about showing off your legs you can purchase three quarter length cycling tights that will also help you with the wind chill factor.

Cycling tops can be long or short sleeved and you want to pick a size that won’t be too baggy or it will blow in the wind. Pick a top that will cover your lower back, to protect against the wind chill or to help prevent sunburn. You’ll also need to take:

• A cycling jacket
• Bike shoes
• Helmet
• Backpack
• Cycling gloves
• Water bottle

What to Pack in Your Backpack

Your backpack is essential as you’ll need to take certain items out with you for the day. While you may have a driver prepared to take your camping gear and heavy items to the different stops along the route they won’t be on hand for you to rummage through when you need to find your sunscreen. Essential items for your backpack include:

• Sunscreen, moisturiser and lip salve
• Sunglasses
• Snacks and spare water
• A small first aid kit
• Mobile phone
• Map
• Bike spares and a repair kit
• Camera
• Wallet

Traveling to and from Your Holiday

You will need to travel to the start and end point of the cycling holiday. Your car will need a suitable bike carrier, which you can buy now online. It’s also important to secure your vehicle as you may not get back to it for several days and you want to do everything you can to prevent it being damaged, pillaged or stolen. Therefore it makes sense to buy security gear such as steering wheel locks and perhaps even a wheel clamp.