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Your Dreams and Goals are Expressions of Your Magnificence

Rise to Your Dreams and Goals
Rise to Your Dreams and Goals
Helen Gordon

That burning desire to achieve the goals you have set or to obtain the things (dreams) you want just will not go away. Until you address this burning with all your might, it will continue to prod you because this is an agreement you joyfully made with God before your inception; it is your purpose in life.

God did not leave you helpless in your pursuit. All the tools you need to manifest those dreams and goals were given you at that time. Therefore, there is nothing to fear should you decide to immerse yourself in your purpose.

Fear, your worst enemy, tries to convince you of the seeming limitations or impossibilities of fulfilling your dreams and goals. Sometimes those insecure thoughts question your worthiness, playing on the self-created shortcomings you have allowed in your life. It is time to stop such self-sabotage.

Questioning your worthiness says you need somehow to make a change. If there were a need to change something to establish your worthiness, that particular dream would not be so urgent to express through you. Questioning your worthiness also says that God did not know what He was doing when He agreed with you about your role in His dream of this world; He must have made a wrong choice. This is far from how God sees you and you no longer need to allow fear to imply such an insult to yourself or to God!

Your magnificence yearns to be expressed through your dreams and goals. Subsequent articles will provide tools for your personal breakthrough.