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Your dog, and dog parks

Common sense seems to lack these days throughout our society, it’s no wonder our frustration with one another keeps compounding because of rampant stupidity. Let’s take a look at one area we can improve on, amongst all the other aspects of life people will continue to suck at. Please excuse my cynicism.

Our focus will be on dog owners and particularly the lack of common sense or etiquette displayed at local dog parks. This isn’t a make or break, life and death man-kind lesson, but it is one small common sense improvement we as dog owners can make for the betterment and safety of one another and our dogs. Please read the list compiled below:

1.) First and foremost, obey the weight limits posted at your local dog park. Most dog parks have an under 30 lbs. section and an over 30 lbs. section. Please don’t get mad at me when my American Pit Bull Terrier tramples your rat dog because your “mini-me” is in the path of my dogs Frisbee chase in the over 30 lbs. section! It’s common sense!

2.) Keep an eye on your dog at all times! You come to the dog park for one primary reason…your dog! Play with your dog, let it play with other dogs and you play with the other dogs too. But, always keep an eye on your dog. It’s extremely rude when people come to the dog park and fraternize with Sally Joe the whole time while their dog causes chaos! It’s common sense!

3.) Clean up after your dog. This is a practice that’s the easiest, but always seems to be the most neglected. It becomes unbelievably annoying to constantly step in dog poop every five steps. Most dog parks provide trash cans and bags for you to pick up after your dog. Again, pick up your dog’s crap! It’s common sense!

4.) Keep your dog leashed when initially entering the park. Most dog parks are off-leash, however, when you first pass through the park gates, keep your dog leashed so they can properly greet all the other dogs first. This is a proactive PRECAUTION in case there is another dog at the park that has an attitude problem with your dog when you first enter, or vice-versa. Don’t let your dog bust through the gates when you first arrive and potentially stir up a fight or another dog causes conflict with them. It’s common sense!

5.) Last, the toys at the dog park are just that…the dog parks! If you bring a toy for your dog, that’s one thing; please don’t jack the existing tennis balls, chew toys, Frisbees, tug ropes and bones that are already at the park. They’re meant for ALL the dogs, not for you to take home. It’s common sense!

Please follow these basic guidelines to improve your responsibility as a dog owner in a dog park setting. It’s common sense people, with more common sense practiced in the less important “life scenarios,” such as dog parks, the better chance for good practices to pass onto more important life situations. Thank you.

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